How to make a Wind- Up Doll costume?

During Christmas gifts are the order of the day. If you want to go to a Christmas party as a gift for others you might choose the wind-up doll. In the Nutcracker the toy soldiers were really wind- up toys. You also have other choices such as female wind-up dolls. Below we have instructions and materials to help you create your perfect wind-up doll costume.

##Materials Needed:##

* Dress

* Sparkly shoes

* Wide ribbon

* Cardboard

* Tin foil

* Makeup

* Curly wig

* Hair bow

* Ankle socks


1. The main part of the wind-up doll will be the dress. You can choose any fancy dress you already have in the closet or go to the thrift shop and pick up a new one. The dress should be doll like. In other words a princess costume from Halloween can be used again for the wind-up doll at Christmas.

2. Once you have the dress you need to make up the wind up key. To do this you will take heavy cardboard. The cardboard should wrap around your mid section and end in the wind up key. In fact the key should fit in the other side of the cardboard so that the entire thing remains on your body without falling apart. After the cardboard is fashioned you should wrap it in thick ribbon around your tummy. The tin foil should be wrapped around the wind up key to make it sparkle.

3. The next step is getting the rest of the costume finished. You will need a ringlet or curly wig to place of your own hair. Then in the hair you should have a hair bow that is overly large for your head. In other words think plastic doll.

4. Next you need to do your face. You should have bright red lipstick, with round red cheeks. You might even consider fake eyelashes and thick eye shadow.

5. Lastly you need the shoes. Your shoes should be sparkly and the ankle socks will complete the doll like appearance.

Since you are a wind-up doll you will need to have exact movements to fit the wind-up persona of the doll.

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