How to make a White Christmas costume

White Christmas is one of the most loved Christmas movies of all times. Every year many families dig out their copy to play it once again for family. This year if you are attending a Christmas party you might consider a costume from White Christmas. What makes the White Christmas costumes even better is that they can work as couples costumes. We have chosen to describe and give information for the ladies White Christmas outfits below.

##Materials Needed:##

* Red velvet fabric

* White muffler

* Faux Fur- white

* Red shoes


Step 1: To begin you should find a pattern for a dress, particularly in the style from the movie. The movie was set during the second World War, so any pattern of formal dress should work. The dresses were made to the ankles, in a wrap style, almost looking like a robe. The top of the dress was form fitting and then went into a bell style skirt. The dress should be made of the red velvet fabric.

Step 2: The white faux fur is to be used as trimming. It should be placed on the hem of the dresses skirt. It can also be used for the collar.

Step 3: A white muffler made from the same faux fur should be designed. The muffler would be used to keep your hands warm and is just a round oblong construction. You can also find a pattern for the muffler.

Step 4: Lastly you just need some jewellery and your red shoes. You are now ready for the party!

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