How to make a Warrior Fiona (Shrek: Forever After) costume

In the new movie, Shrek Forever After, Princess Fiona has a new look as the leader of an ogre resistance. She’s meaner and greener as a Warrior Princess that would make even Xena think twice about messing with her. Check out how you can make your own Warrior Fiona costume:

##Things You’ll Need##

* Fiona wig

* Green cream makeup

* Brown short-sleeved top

* Tan yarn

* Thick needle

* Green kilt skirt

* Green tights

* Brown furry boots

* Toy broadsword OR

* Toy battle axe

* Warrior belt

* Caveman necklace

##Putting together your Warrior Fiona (Shrek: Forever After) costume##

Step 1: Pick up a Princess Fiona wig and unbraid it. Fiona’s wild new look features her long, red hair streaming behind her. However, the nice thing about the Princess Fiona wig is that it already comes with attached green ogre ears peeking out.

Step 2: Pick up a short sleeved brown top. You can use tan or brown yarn to make embellishments on the front of your shirt with a large needle. Thread “stitches” down the front in a cross-over pattern, extending from the collar down to your waist. You can also add some more “stitches” down the side of one sleeve.

Step 3: Put on a green tartan kilt. It can be longer (knee length) or shorter in a kelly green and black shade.

Step 4: Strap on a warrior belt around your waist, bridging the gap between your brown top and green kilt. Add a dagger in your belt for some added weaponry!

Step 5: Put on a pair of green tights and then pull on a pair of brown warrior boots with faux fur at the top.

Step 6: Dab on a few coats of green cream makeup wherever you may have any exposed skin. Use some on your face, chest, and arms. Remember to apply light coats at first rather than just slathering it all on in one splotchy coat. The thinner, lighter coats will stay on longer, too!

Step 7: Put on a caveman necklace with sawtooth bones around your neck to make your enemies cower in fear!

Step 8: Accessorize with a toy battle axe or broadsword for a true warrior ogre princess set of artillery!

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