How to make a Voodoo Priest (or Priestess) Costume

A fun costume and very easy to make, a voodoo priest or priestess can be as fancy or as plain as you like, and still packs a creepy touch! Channel the look of Baron Samedi, one of the chief spirits of Voodoo with his top hat, or create your own feminine version that can be spooky and sexy at the same time.

##Things You’ll Need##

* Top hat OR Mini top hat and veil

* White cream makeup

* Black cream makeup

* Rubber snake

* Black tuxedo (tattered) OR tattered black dress

* Skull jewelry

* Bone necklace

* Large stick or staff trimmed with skulls, beads, and feathers

* White gloves for men OR white opera gloves for women

##Putting it together##

Step 1: Make your voodoo staff beforehand. Take a large walking stick, cane, thin tree branch or stick from your yard, or anything you think could work. Affix skull beads, a skull topper, and a string of feathers and beads on a cord and wind it around your staff for a Voodoo mojo staff look.

Step 2: Get your makeup on! Paint a skull face over your own with the white and black cream makeup. Use the black cream makeup for the hollows of your eyes, nose, and cheeks and to contour around the white makeup’s “skull shape” around your face to make it “pop.” (See photo)

Step 3: Dress up in your death-day best with a tattered tuxedo (or an intact tux or suit works well, too, for a much more dapper effect!) or a black gown.

Step 4: Add your skull and bone jewelry over your spooky sartorial splendor! Wear your rubber snake around your shoulders for a very Voodoo look!

Step 5: Put on your white gloves and get ready to scare in style!

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