How to make a Vixen Reindeer costume?

Vixen is the only female reindeer that is part of Santa‘s team. This year if you need a costume for Christmas you might consider Vixen. She can be quite sexy as a reindeer costume if you wish or simple. Vixen works both for children and adults. Below we have some materials you will need and instructions to help you create the best Vixen costume.

##Materials Needed:##

* Brown fabric

* Black gloves

* Black shoes

* Headband antlers

* Pattern

* Sewing machine


1. The first part of the Vixen costume is the outfit you will wear. A typical reindeer will be a full body suit, but for Vixen to look a little better than her male counterparts we have decided to make a skirt and top. The top can be long sleeved and turtle neck if you wish. The skirt should be mid thigh in length. The brown material will remain reindeer like, and you can even create a tail out of the material for the skirt. Add some brown stockings and you are almost ready to go.

2. The black gloves and shoes are for the hooves.

3. Once you have the main costume and the hooves you will need to work on the head and face. In this costume idea we are not creating a reindeer face from fabric. Instead you need a little makeup to create the black nose, a little brown material for ears, and the antler headband.

4. The final step is having a collar or other sign that denotes you are Vixen. The collar should have bells on it with the name Vixen.

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