How to make a Victorian costume?

A Victorian costume is one of the more popular items because there are hundreds of different characters you can dress as. You can be Queen Elizabeth, the Queen of Hearts, Casanova, and many other characters from that era, even Shakespeare. We are going to be more general in offering a girl’s costume for the Victorian era.

##Things You Need:##

* Victorian style dress

* High collar

* Hair ornament

* Soft boots


First you need to find a pattern or a dress that will fit in the Victorian image. The dress is generally a bell skirt with simple lines. Typically the top of the dress has a v style at the waist and a square collar. The top of the dress will be tighter than the skirt. In fact it is more of a bustier style with the ties in the back. Most of the Victorian style dresses have long sleeves with lace cuffs.

The main part of the dress will be purple, red, black, or another pretty color. Then you have where the skirt divides at the waist to reveal a different color. This is a layer of gold or other color to offset the rest of the dress. You may even have a black layer under the gold or other layer. In short the skirt is like a robe with the main skirt beneath. The neckline will have lace to match the skirt.

Then you must add a high collar. It should be a white collar. The hair needs to be styled up in a bun or French twist. Then in the hair a decoration such as a hat or jewelry should be added. You may also have a fan as part of the costume. The shoes we mentioned in the list should be soft boots typical of that era.

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