How to make a Venetian costume?

The Venetian costumes you will normally find date back to the times of masquerades and the Carnival. To an extent the Carnival still occurs, which means you can find many of the costume ideas around today. If you would rather create your own then follow our tips below. We will help you get the perfect Venetian costume.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Tuxedo or black suit

* Gold cumber bund

* Black cane with gold head

* Dress shoes

* White gloves

* Cloak or cape

* Mask


Step 1: The first thing you must do is get a suit in the Venetian style from around the 1700’s. This is typically the period of Carnival costumes are based on. In fact Casanova‘s costume from the movie is a great idea to pattern your Venetian costume after. So the suit should be black with a white dress shirt. A tuxedo or other stately suit will do. You will need a gold cumber bund to complete this part of the costume, rather than black.

Step 2: To complete the costume black dress shoes and a black cloak or cape should be added. You also need to have white gloves on your hands.

Step 3: The cane should be a straight staff with a gold head. The staff should reach about waist height.

Step 4: The only thing left is getting the perfect mask. There are hundreds of masks to choose from or you can make your own with craft materials. The mask should be something to cover the eyes or entire face depending on your preferences. You have a gold venetian mask that will have a bird like nose or a half mask that just covers the eyes. You also have masks that can be held in your hand. The best mask for your stately costume may be a simple black mask.

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