How to make a Vampiress costume?

A Vampiress costume is going to be a great way to create a couples costume or just to be a lady vampire. After all why should only the guys get to be like Dracula! So if you are looking for a costume idea this year then a Vampiress may be just the ticket. Below we have information to help you create your Vampiress.

##What do will you need?##

* Black dress

* Black boots or shoes

* Black leggings

* Black wig

* Fake blood

* Vampire teeth

* Black nails


Step 1: The main part of the costume is going to be the black dress. The black dress can be anything you might have hanging in your closet. Most of us will have that clich_ɬ© about the little black dress. This is the perfect time to use it.

Step 2: If the dress is short you will want to have leggings or fishnet stockings.

Step 3: the shoes are your choice really, but they should be black and something you would expect a vampire to wear. In other words boots or dress shoes will work nicely.

Step 4: You don’t have to have a black wig, but if you want to be deathly pale it will go a long way to helping your complexion appear less tan.

Step 5: Your nails can either be fake or painted black. Fake nails give you a length to the nails you might not have. They can be considered vampire weapons and therefore are a great addition.

Step 6: The last part of the costume will be the teeth and blood. You may not choose to use the blood, but it does give that sinister effect. You could just use blood red lipstick as well. The teeth can be found in most any shop.

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