How to make a Tweety costume?

Tweety Bird is quite the popular bird for Looney Tunes cartoons. It seems that everyone loves the disasters Tweety creates for Sylvester. If, instead this year you don’t want to buy a costume, you can certainly make one. We have instructions and other information below to help you.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* White shoes

* White tights

* Yellow material

* Tweety bird mask


Tweety is a relatively simple costume to create, which is why it makes a great costume idea. Although we have listed four things there are changes you can make if you wish.

Step 1: The main part of Tweety Bird is yellow. The yellow material you choose should have the mid thighs up to the neck covered. The outfit should also be long sleeved. On the back you should also have a yellow bird tail sewn in. Now you can choose to use yellow shorts and a sweat shirt to make the costume if you don’t feel your sewing is up to par for the entire costume.

Step 2: The next important segment of Tweety will be the head. You need to have the large eyes, tuft of black hair, and the orange beak. There are plenty of masks you can buy for Tweety and even a complete head. On the other hand if you are good with sewing you can also make your own head. Keep in mind the shape of the face you need to create.

Step 3: This is the final stage. Tweety’s legs should be your own. So white tights and white shoes complete the ensemble. You can also make the tights and shoes more orange in nature as that is really the Tweety drawn in cartoons. It may be difficult to find the right shoes, which is why we recommend the white shoes and tights.

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