How to make a Tudor costume

The Tudors on HBO has become a very popular show. The period of the Tudors was between the 1400’s and 1600’s. It was a time in which England was trying to break from the Romans. The clothing from this period will be rather complex and somewhat ostentatious. What you will need is going to be listed below along with some instructions.

##What do you need?##

* Dress pattern

* Material

* Sewing machine

* Jewelry

* Boots


The best thing you can do is make your own costume from material. You can certainly by the appropriate dress, but then you might as well purchase the entire costume. So to make the dress you need an appropriate dress pattern for the period in question. These patterns can be found online as well as in craft stores. The material can be any type, but you should have at least two different color materials if not three or four.

To begin you will need to use the corresponding colors for the area of the dress you are making. Most dresses will have a solid color for the arms, upper torso, and then half the skirt. It is typically only the skirt that has a part in the centre of the body. This part then reveals another color such as gold. For example a dress could be blue with a partial gold skirt.

The dress will also need a collar. The collar should be white and high around the neck. You can also add lace to the sleeves if you wish.

Once the dress is completed you need to find the proper shoes that will make the costume remain in period, though they will hardly be seen due to the length of the skirt.

Then complete the costume with fashionable jewelry like pearls and perhaps a hat.

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