How to make a Troy Polumalu – Pittsburgh Steelers costume!

Number 43 on the field, but #1 in your heart (if you’re a Pittsburgh Steelers fan), Troy Polumalu is one of the toughest Safeties in the NFL. Drafted to the Steelers in 2003, Polumalu has made over 400 tackles in his six-year career. Even if you can’t read his name on the back of his jersey, you know exactly who Polumalu is by his long, wildman hair! Show some love to one of the Steelers’ best players and dress up as Troy Polumalu this Super Bowl Sunday!!

##Things You’ll Need##

* Long curly wig in either brown or black

* Polumalu Pittsburgh Steelers jersey OR

* Plain black or what jersey

* Felt fabric in either yellow or black

* Scissors

* Fabric glue

* Yellow spandex pants OR yellow sweatpants

* Cleats or sneakers

* White or black knee-high socks

* Football helmet (Steelers) OR Black helmet and Steelers decals.

##Putting together your Troy Polumalu costume##

Step 1: Pick up either a Troy Polumalu jersey at a sports store or make your own.

Step 2: If you’re making your own, decide if you want a home or away jersey in either black or white and choose the opposite color of felt to cut out a large #43 for the front and back and letters spelling out Polumalu’s name for the back.

Step 3: Pull on a pair of yellow spandex pants (or yellow sweatpants). You can find these at a sporting goods store or discount department store.

Step 4: Tuck your pants into a pair of white or black knee socks. Put on a pair of either cleats or white sneakers to complete your outfit.

Step 5: Put on a long curly wig in either dark brown or black. You can pull it back into a pony tail of you want, or just let it hang loose, man!

Step 6: Put on a Pittsburgh Steelers helmet over the top of it. Either buy a Steelers helmet or find a plain black helmet and decorate it with your own decals! Get on your best “game face” and you’re ready to rock!

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