How to make a train conductor costume?

A conductor as well all know runs the train. You have several conductor style outfits to choose from when you create your own. There is Thomas, Old Fashioned conductor outfits, and even a sexy conductor choice. Below we are going to describe your average train conductor outfit for you to create.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Gray coveralls

* Red bandana

* Cloth gray conductor hat

* Button down shirt or tee shirt

* Shoes


First of all in the conductor outfit you can choose to make everything from material and your sewing machine. It just depends on your preference. You may also have the things you need hanging in your closet or close enough that it will work. So don’t forget to check there before you go shopping for items.

Step 1: This first step is finding the perfect coveralls. The coveralls of a train conductor are normally gray or checker. They will have a chest pocket, front pockets, and back pockets. The coveralls should have buttons on each side as well as adjustable straps. The coveralls should appear a little baggy on your frame and cover your ankles in length.

Step 2: Under the coveralls you will need a tee shirt or button down shirt. This can be sleeveless or not. Some train conductors where thermal underwear as the shirt. So you also have this choice in making the perfect costume.

Step 3: The red bandana should be large enough to tie around your neck. Trains create a lot of dust and in the old days the bandana was used to protect from the dust and other debris in the engine area. It should be around the neck with the material in a triangle shape.

Step 4: The conductor hat is made of cloth and is similar to a baseball style. It has a short rim with a high cap. It should match the coveralls.

Step 5: Any shoes will be appropriate as long as they are comfortable for walking. Boots also make a great addition to the costume if you have some.

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