How to make a Toy Soldier Costume

Featured in almost any holiday spectacle that you can think of from the Radio City Rockettes to “The Nutcracker” ballet, toy soldiers are always seen under the tree. You can make your own toy soldier costume easily, pulled together from thrift store items and simple trimmings from a craft store.

##Things You’ll Need##

* Red velvet or satin blazer


* White pants

* 2 yards of Red satin ribbon (from a craft store)

* Fabric glue

* Gold braiding (from a craft store) (2 yards)

* 6 frog closures

* Epaulets (optional) OR make your own from red shoulder pads trimmed in gold sequins and gold braid

* Gold fringe

* Black boots or shoes

* Red cream makeup

* Toy musket

* Toy soldier hat

##Putting together your Toy Soldier Costume##

Step 1: Head on down to the thrift shop or a women’s department store and pick up a red velvet or satin blazer. With all of the trim that usually goes on a toy soldier costume, a matte finish like velvet would show off the glittery trim much better.

You will be folding the lapels outward towards your chest to decorate it, giving the look of a closed-chest jacket.

Step 2: Pick up a pair of white pants. They can already be from your closet or purchase a new pair from a thrift shop or department store.

Step 3: Cut the 2 yards of ribbon to the length of the outside seam of your pants. Save yourself some time and instead of sewing the ribbon to your pants, use your fabric glue to adhere it to the outside hem, like a military stripe.

Step 4: Gather the trims you purchased from a craft or fabric store. You can take a pair of old red shoulder pads and turn them into epaulets by cutting them to an appropriate size. You can hide any seam by trimming them with long strands of gold fringe or gold sequins or braid. Attach these to the outside shoulder of your jacket.

Step 5: Add frog closures down the left and right front portions of your jacket so that they’re paired up with each other. You can adhere white or gold rope braiding to them to button and unbutton yourself into your jacket and hold the lapels closed.

Step 6: Hang gold braid in a loop or two from the epaulet of your jacket.

Step 7: Put on your toy soldier hat

Step 8: You may want to add two red circles with your red cream makeup to your cheeks like an antique toy soldier.

Step 9: Pull on your black boots or shoes, pick up your toy musket, and prepare to march!

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