How to make a toga costume

The [b]toga costume[/b] has always been a very easy costume to make and therefore many do not like to buy it from a costume store. If you are an individual looking for a toga, but do not want to spend too much on the costume then you have come to the right article. We will explain the materials you need below as well as the instructions for creating the toga.

[b]Things You Need:[/b]

– White or single colored bed sheet

– Rope

– [url=]Leather sandals[/url]

– Fake jewlery

– Filigree headband in the shape of leaves


In the first step you will need to formulate the bed sheet into a toga. This is fairly simple. The toga of tradition is usually hanging over one shoulder, but you could actually cut the bed sheet and sew it together in the appearance of a Toga dress as well where the sheet goes around the neck and shoulders. A dress pattern can be found online or in stores for this costume if you feel the need.

The rope is actually meant to hold the folds of the bed sheet in place to give it an authentic feel. The rope would normally go around the waist to cinch the costume as well as around the neck to make sure the costume is held in place. The rope can be a gold thin object.

Once the costume is complete you can start adding accessories such as the jewelry and sandals. The jewelry should reflect the Greek tradition if you can find some.

Lastly in creating the costume [url=]Caesar[/url] and others in the Greek Palaces used to wear head pieces. The head piece for Caesar was traditionally gold leaves in the movies. You can have the same type of headband that you create out of paper and pipe cleaners.

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