how to make a Tiny Tim costume?

Tiny Tim is the spirit of Christmas, and makes a great family costume to wear during the holidays if you like the Christmas Carol theme. For example you could have Tiny Tim’s parents as the adults, and then your little boy as Tiny Tim. There are plenty of reasons you might need a Tiny Tim costume for the holidays, but instead of going over them let’s look at how you would create Tiny Tim.

##Materials Needed:##

* Dress pants

* Dress shirt

* Vest

* Dress coat

* Wood crutch or stick

* 1800’s style hat, scarf, and overcoat


Step 1: Before you can make the Tiny Tim costume you need to know it is a period costume. Therefore you need to find a pattern that will have the 1800’s look to the children’s clothing you are going to be creating. You can also create the costume from things you have in your closet. The pants and shirt will be made first. Then you will need the suit jacket and vest.

Step 2: Once the main part of the costume is created you can begin to create the overcoat. This can be handmade or something you have on hand. It should be at least knee length.

Step 3: The hat is a small affair with a rounded cap, and then a small brim on the front. With a scarf and gloves to complete the outfit you are almost there.

Step 4: the last piece of costume you need is the crutch. In the book it was just a stick with another horizontal piece for the arm to lean on, but a wooden crutch of today can work just as well.

The shoes for Tiny Tim should be period, but if you don’t have that option any shoes will do.

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