How to make a Tinker-bell costume

Tinker Bell is one of the simpler costumes you might want to make, depending on the design you choose. There are several styles to Tinker Bell if you just want to buy the costume. However, making Tinker Bell will depend on your expertise with sewing. Below we have the items you need for the costume as well as the instructions.

[b]Items You Need:[/b]

– Forest Green Material

– Purple or White lace or filmy material

– Wire

– Patterns for tunic and wings


In the instructions we are offering a simple Tinker Bell costume. If you feel confident in your sewing ability you can always add to the costume by using different materials.

[b]Step 1:[/b] You will need to create the dress. From the movie Tinker Bell is seen in a long Tunic that fits as a dress. We are suggesting this pattern with a forest green material. The dress should fit snugly at the waist as well as be at least to the mid thigh in length. The bottom of the tunic should be rough edges. The sleeves will be short and staggered as well. You can find patterns for tunics online and in stores to help you get an idea of the dress style you need to achieve.

[b]Step 2:[/b] The wings. The wings will be made with the lacy or filmy material that you can find and the wire. The wire must be strong enough to support the material and act as wings. You can attach them to the back of the dress or have two hooks for the shoulders where they will sit on as a second piece. The wings should be fairy wings rather than a butterfly style. Purple lace or even white will compliment the costume.

[b]Step 3:[/b] For winter concessions you might want to have tights for the legs as well as a long sleeve shirt under the dress. Now to finish the costume you will need dress shoes. The shoes can be brown leather or green to match the costume.

[b]Step 4:[/b] You can either leave your child hair down or do an upsweep into a bun or other flirty style of your choice. The hair should be elegant, yet playful. If you wish you can add a little makeup for the fairy glow as well as glitter.

Tinker Bell was also the one to carry fairy dust to make one fly, so make sure you have a bag matching the outfit for the “_ìfairy dust.”¬ù

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