How to make a Thanksgiving costume?

Thanksgiving is not just about food and family, it can also be about having a great time. At Thanksgiving this year think about having a party where you all wear costumes. You may also need Thanksgiving costumes for your children for the Thanksgiving show they put on.

With the wide range of costumes you can have for Thanksgiving we will look at a couple and then give you some how to ideas.To start you can be an Indian, Pilgrim, Turkey, Cornucopia, Parade Float, or a golden leafed tree. The possibilities are endless because of the time of year. For example football is most prevalent on Thanksgiving Day, and therefore the tradition of football costumes is warranted.

Suggested Materials for some of the Costume Ideas:

* Brown fabric

* Brown felt

* Orange felt

* Red felt

* White fabric

* Shoelaces (if making a football)

* Fake or real leaves

* Fruit and vegetables (for cornucopia)

* Feathers

* Beads

* Leather

* Cardboard

* Paint

* Tissue paper

* Lego or similar dolls

* Toy vehicles

* Miniature balloons

As you can see there are many materials you might need for a Thanksgiving costume. It all depends on the idea you have. For some of these ideas you may find patterns to help you cut out the fabric. Bear in mind other options will require a

drawing or a thought from scratch to create. For example the parade float is going be designed, so that the cardboard table you create is the street with spectators, and you are a balloon floating above.

So whether you take the football, parade float, or other Thanksgiving ideas for costumes you have plenty to choose from and enjoy. The holidays are all about having fun and being creative.

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