How to make a Thanksgiving Boy Costume?

At Thanksgiving there were two groups of people at the table. You had the Native Americans sharing their knowledge and crops with the Pilgrims who also shared their bounty. It was a meal to show good will towards others. Now of course the holiday is a little commercialized, but the overall premise is the same. Each year we gather to share a feast with family and sometimes friends. We also have plays at schools to show the history of the holiday. For a Thanksgiving Boy costume you have a few choices depending on what the play is going to offer. The main two are of course the Native American and Pilgrim.

##Materials You May Need:##

* Suede Fabric

* Beads

* Leather belt

* Needle and thread

* Feathers

* Moccasins

* Fake tools/ weapons

* Black fabric

* White fabric

* Hat

* Large gold or silver buckle

* Shoes with buckles

* Long black socks

The materials listed above are for both the Native American and Pilgrim costumes. Depending on your choice you will need to weed out what makes the costumes. The costumes are rather simple to create with a pattern, which is definitely recommended. You don’t want to try making the costume from scratch unless you are very talented in that area.

You may also decide to go for a non traditional Thanksgiving Boy costume such as a turkey, cornucopia, or other dishes on the table during the holiday.

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