How to make a Ted Theodore Logan (Bill and Ted) costume

“Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” was the 1989 comedy that launched actor Keanu Reeve’s career as the dopey San Dimas, CA teen, who along with his pal Bill traveled through time. They’re garage band, Wyld Stallyns, was destined to change the world with their music making the world a more “excellent” place. The duo traveled through time in a phone booth with their futuristic mentor Rufus and encountered such historical figures as Napoleon, Joan of Arc, and Beethoven (pronounced “Beeth – Oven.”)

Don’t be bogus at your next ’80s party or any costume shin dig that calls for something truly excellent and unexpected. Check out our tutorial on how to make a righteous Ted Theodore Logan costume!

##Things You’ll Need##

* Black bob wig

* Hair gel

* White t-shirt (with a printed design is okay)

* Black vest

* Grey sweatpants

* Black baggy shorts

* Red flannel shirt

* Black faux leather or studded wristband

* two pairs of contrasting colored socks

* Black Converse sneakers

##Putting together your Ted Theodore Logan costume##

Step 1: Find a black bob wig. It’s similar to Ted’s style, but you’ll need a bit of hair gel to muss it up so it doesn’t look too feminine. Put it on first before doing this to get just the right style.

Step 2: Put on a plain white t-shirt or white t-shirt with a design on the front. Roll up the sleeves a bit and cuff them.

Step 3: Swing on a plain, black vest over your t-shirt.

Step 4: Put on a pair of grey sweatpants and pull up the bottoms so that they gather just around your knees.

Step 5: Pull up a pair of baggy black shorts over your hiked up sweats.

Step 6: Layer a pair of contrasting colored socks (try red and grey) and slouch them to slightly above the ankles.

Step 7: Lace up your grungiest pair of Converse sneaks and put them on.

Step 8: Tie a red flannel shirt around your waist and team up with your buddy Bill to kick out the air guitar jams, Wyld Stallyns style!!

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