How to make a “Swine Flew” costume

Turn on the news and you’re bound to hear all about the pandemonium regarding the Swine Flu! It’s all the rage and nearly everyone is worried about it… However, sometimes, laughter is the best medicine! Check out this goofy, pun-tastic costume based on the old saying “When Pigs Fly” and the disease du jour, Swine Flu:

##Things You’ll Need##

* Pig nose


* Pig mask

* Surgeon mask

* Cold compress

* Thermometer

* Pink, peach, or flesh-toned shirt and sweats OR bodysuit

* Pig tail OR pink pipe cleaners

* Wings

* Fabric pen

* OPTIONAL: Elmer’s Glue

##Putting together your Swine Flew costume##

Step 1: Put on your pig nose or pig mask. If you want to, use some Elmer’s Glue to add a “runny nose” effect coming down from your pig nose, a symptom of the flu.

Step 2: Strap a cold compress from the local drug store to your head and put an exaggerated thermometer in your mouth for effect.

Step 3: Pick up a surgeon mask and drape it around your neck, a popular item often associated with prevention of the swine flu.

Step 4: Put on a bodysuit for a pig-style costume, OR a pair of pink, peach, or tan sweatsuit.

Step 5: Add a pig tail to the back of your costume… OR, pick up some pink pipecleaners from your local craft store and wind them into a corkscrew pattern. Attach your DIY “pig tail” to the back of your costume.

Step 6: OPTIONAL: Use your fabric pen to write in bold letters across the front of your sweatshirt or bodysuit: SWINE FLEW.

Step 7: Strap on a pair of feathered wings or any kind of your choosing! Voila! Swine Flew!!

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