How to make a Stupid Cupid Costume

Not everyone loves Valentine’s Day. If you fall into this camp, then think of staging your own costumed protest with a Stupid Cupid costume.

##Things You’ll Need##

* A short curly wig

* Cupid bow

* Adult diaper OR large bolt of white fabric to make into an oversized diaper

* Newspaper or fiber (for stuffing)

* Brown fabric paint (OPTIONAL)

* Hillbilly teeth

* Cut-off red t-shirt

* Feathered Wings

##Putting together your Stupid Cupid costume##

Step 1: Wear a short, curly wig for Cupid’s wavy locks.

Step 2: Pop in a pair of Hillbilly Teeth for a goofy grin to make Cupid look even more stupid.

Step 3: Pick up an adult diaper to wear or for much more exaggerated comedic value, grab a a large bolt of white fabric and tie it between your legs and tied at the waist, diaper-style. You can wear it over a pair of pants or whatever you want. For a funny touch, stuff the makeshift diaper with newspaper or cotton fiber fill for a large, padded rear end.

Step 4: Completely optional but great for a gross addition to your costume, grab a brown fabric pen and draw a large stain on the back.

Step 5: Pick up a red t-shirt and either slice it along the midriff or tuck it into your “diaper” and pad your stomach with newspaper or more of the fiber fill.

Step 6: Strap on a pair of feathered wings. If you want, you can find bendable ones that you can mangle for a look indicative of a Cupid who can’t fly right.

Step 7: Pick up a Cupid Bow and Arrow to missfire!

Step 8: Put on a pair of shoes of your choice from flip flops to red high tops or even a pair of Grecian sandals and get ready to make some mis-matches!

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