How to make a Spongebob Squarebutt Sexypants (Burger King commercial) costume

Admit it. You like square pants and you cannot lie! Burger King’s latest commercial devoted to partnering up with Nickelodeon cartoon character Spongebob Squarepants and featuring 1990s rapper Sir Mix-a-Lot is generating a lot of laughs and a lot of controversy. Mix-a-Lot re-did his classic “Baby Got Back” with a Spongebob theme for the commercial that has everyone’s favorite costumed Burger King breakin’ it down along with similarly Spongebob-attired dancers with exaggerated square butts.

For a unique and fun costume idea, try creating your own version of the Burger King Spongebob Dancers’ costumes with this simple tutorial. It would make a great addition to a couple’s costume for ladies attending a party with their own Burger King or Spongebob Squarepants.

##Things You’ll Need##

* Brown shorts

* Black leather belt

* 8×16″ rectangle of foam (at least 3″ thick from a craft store)

* Brown dye pen, RIT dye, or quick drying spraypaint

* Needle and thread and/or fabric glue

* White longsleeve fitted v-neck t-shirt.

* White dickey OR collar cut from an old buttondown shirt

* Red tie

* Striped knee socks

* Black shoes

##Dressing up as Spongebob Squarebutt Sexypants##

Step 1: Pick up a longsleeved v-neck shirt and a pair of brown shorts. These can be easily found either in your closet or at almost any store.

Step 2: Find a white collared dickey to wear around your neck, or just cut off the collar and top button enclosure from an old white button down shirt. You can secure the ends so they don’t fray with fabric glue. Put on a red tie with your dickey and tuck the end of the tie into the neckline of your v-neck t-shirt.

Step 3: Buy a large rectangle of foam from the craft store. You can use our dimensions or customize them to your own tastes for that Squarebutt look! Once you have the rectangle to your specifications, dye it or spraypaint it to match your brown shorts. Spray paint may be the best route considering that dye may not take on a porous surface like foam.

Step 4: Wait until your foam is completely dry and then attach it to the back of your brown shorts with fabric glue and a few well-placed stitches.

Step 5: Put on a black belt around your waist.

Step 6: Pull on your retro-styled tubesocks up to your knees, a pair of black shoes, and get ready to show off “a butt with sharp right angles!”

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