How to make a spiderman costume

There are typically two Spiderman costumes that we think about since the release of the third movie. The most notable is the red and blue costume that has been around since the beginning of the costume, and that is what we will have instructions on.

[b]Items You Need:[/b]

– Spiderman material. Most stores sell the red spider web material to make the costume.

– You will also need blue material to add to the costume.

– A Pattern

– Silly String or webbing


[b]Step 1:[/b] For Spiderman you do not need a lot of things to create the costume, but you do want to be accurate to make your hero the talk of your town or area. The first step in creating a [url=]Spiderman costume[/url] is getting the material cut to the right size. Spiderman can be made into two parts for the costume for easier access during the night. The top part should consist of the hood whether you attach that section or leave it unattached. The hood is going to be the red spider pattern material. Just make sure that you create the eye holes large enough for your child to see out of as well as leave a space for the mouth. The top part should come to the waist and be backed by blue. You will also need to make gloves out of the red material to cover the hands.

[b]Step 2:[/b] A neat idea for the gloves is to add ridges or window suckers in order to give that climbing wall effect that Spiderman has in the comics. The lower portion of the costume is all blue and can be a pair of pants you have or created for the use of the costume. The costume should fit snugly.

[b]Step 3:[/b] To complete the costume you need to have red boots. These can be covered with red material or something you picked up in a shop to match the costume.

To make the costume a little warmer you can choose to line the suit with fleece or have the child wear long underwear underneath.

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