How to make a South Park Kenny costume

South Park has been a hit series for more than ten years now and has many costume ideas to choose for when you have your next party. Instead of buying a premade costume you can create your own. We have details listed below for how to make your own South Park Kenny.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Parka (tan or brown)

* Brown or tan snow pants

* Gray Gloves

* Snow boots


Step 1: You can wear whatever is going to be comfortable underneath the costume. You should have warm clothes on underneath if you are going to walk around in cold snow during Halloween. The actual South Park Kenny costume is going to go over your other clothing.

Step 2: Kenny always wears a brown to tan parka in the show. This parka should come down to the knees and have the typical parka hood with fur around it. When you wear the parka you need to have the coat zipped up and the hood covering the face. Your own face can be Kenny, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Step 3: The snow pants are going to be the same color as the parka or near enough to it. You can find discount parkas and snow pants at second hand stores if you don’t already have some. The pants will cover the entire lower half and be hidden by the long parka.

Step 4: This is the accessories stage. With Kenny you will need black snow boots to compliment the costume. You will also need gray gloves. The gray gloves are going to hide the hands and are usually worn in the cartoon no matter what season it is.

By following these instructions you can have a very warm costume for the occasion.

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