How to make a Sonic the Hedgehog costume?

Sonic the Hedgehog is still a very popular children’s show and game. If you are looking for a costume idea this year Sonic just might fit the bill. We are going to describe how to make Sonic below with a few material ideas.

##Things you will need:##

* Blue body suit or sweat suit

* Tan material

* Red and white sneakers

* White socks

* White gloves

* Face paint

* Head band

* Blue material

* Blue wig


Step 1: The main body of Sonic is blue and tan. You will want to find a blue body suit that you can use to modify. On the body suit you need a round tan stomach patch and tan arms. By starting with the blue body suit all you have to do is sew the tan material over the top portion of the suit.

Step 2: The next difficult part will be Sonic’s face. You can either try and find a mask or make your own. For the face you can use black face paint on the nose. Then from the bottom of the eyes and mid nose you will need blue face paint to the forehead.

Step 3: To continue on the head you need to create a blue head band with Sonic ears. The ears can be placed on the head band with glue. The ears should be blue on the outside with a tan material on the inside in a triangular formation.

Step 4: Under the blue headband you need the blue wig. You may have to style the wig so that it has the Sonic look, which stands out from the head in three triangular shapes. Any picture on the web should be able to help you style the hair correctly.

Step 5: This is the part where you need to add the accessories such as the white gloves, socks, and red and white shoes. Then you have a complete Sonic costume for your child.

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