How to make a Soccer Hooligan costume

Football and hockey aren’t the only sports with rowdy fans. In fact, even the most notorious of American sports fans look like rank amateurs when it comes to international Soccer Hooligans! These guys know how to drink, throw chairs, and riot with the best of them when their football (soccer, for you Yanks!) club doesn’t win… And sometimes even when they do! Check out how to make your own Soccer Hooligan costume just in time for the World Cup series!

##Things You’ll Need##

* Bald cap

* Face paint

* Soccer jersey

* Scarf in your team colors

* Baggy shorts or tight pants

* Tooth black

* Fake blood

* Booze bottle or empty beer cans

##Putting together your Soccer Hooligan costume##

Step 1: Put on a bald cap over your hair. This will be a great way to cover your own hair and make painting your face and head with your team colors easier.

Step 2: Grab some face paint. Pick your team’s colors and paint their logo on your face or just stripe it. Grab some blue cream makeup or red cream makeup — or any color you choose and just go to town!

Step 3: Add some tooth black to one or two of your front teeth. Any good soccer hooligan worth his stripes has to have a missing tooth or two that he’s sacrificed for his team!

Step 4: Put on a soccer jersey. It can be intact, ripped and shredded, or just ready for you to whip it off in case you painted your chest to match your face.

Step 5: Put on some shorts or tight fitting pants, something roomy for raising a ruckus!

Step 6: Drape a scarf around your neck in your team colors.

Step 7: Grab an empty booze bottle or a couple of crushed beer cans, perfect for pretending to crush them on your head. Add a dab of fake blood to your forehead or nose to simulate having been in a scuffle over your team!

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