How to make a Snowflake Princess costume?

Snowflake princess costumes can be used all year for a variety of different costume parties or holidays. While traditionally a snowflake costume reminds you more of Christmas it can also be used for Valentine’s Day. If the costume wearer needs a prince there are also several ideas in our how to costumes, including the Frog Prince that will help make a great couples costume idea. See the information below on how to create your Snowflake Princess.

##What you will need:##

* Prom dress

* Crown

* Sceptre

* Dress shoes

* Glitter

* Makeup


This costume idea does not require sewing, which can make it easier for some of you who want to create your own costume, but don’t necessarily sew.

Step 1: You will need to visit your closet or a thrift shop to find a prom style dress. The dress should be an icy blue if you can find one. You want it to resemble snow or snowflakes as best you can. Therefore the dress you find should have a layered skirt, with plenty of bounce!

Step 2: After you find the appropriate princess dress you will need to add the accessories. The first thing you want to do is fashion your hair around the crown.

Step 3: Once the crown is in place add your make up and the glitter.

**Step 4:

** Lastly pick up your sceptre, slip on your shoes and you are ready for a night of fun as the Snowflake Princess.

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