How to make a snow white costume?

Snow White was the first princess to be placed on the [url=]Disney[/url] screen and perhaps the most favorite. If you don’t want to buy a ready made costume you can create your own this year with the steps below.

[b]Things You’ll Need:[/b]

– Black wig

– Yellow material

– Blue material

– Red material

– Ballet slippers or slipper type shoes

– White material or collar


[b]Step 1:[/b] The snow white dress can be made into a skirt and shirt combo or a full dress. It is up to you. There are patterns available on the internet or in stores to help you create the medieval dress. The skirt should be made of a yellow material that hugs the waist then flows down to the ankles in a looser fashion. The blouse or top of the dress will be made from the blue material. It should be tight fighting and come to a triangular point at the waist. The sleeves should be puffed slightly.

[b]Step 2:[/b] The cape is very important to the costume. The cape will need to have a high white collar that the red cape material is sewn to. The cape should be knee length, but no longer than that.

[b]Step 3:[/b] Snow White is often seen with a red bow in her hair over a crown, but the choice is up to you. The wig should be black or brown with a short cut held in place by the bow.

[b]Step 4:[/b] This last step is adding the shoes to the costume. The [url=]shoes[/url] should be like slippers and match the yellow material. If you are confident enough you could make the slippers out of the same material you made the skirt.

By following these steps you can have a pretty accurate [b]Snow White costume[/b] for adults or children.

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