How to make a Slipknot costume?

Slipknot is one of the leading metal bands and therefore you might decide to emulate them for your next costume party. If you don’t want to spend a great deal on a costume you can make your own. We have the steps and materials needed listed below.

##Things You Need:##

* Black suit

* Black shoes

* Mask


The costume for Slipknot is not all that difficult when you consider what will be worn. However, it is the mask or the face paint that will require a great deal of time and care to make the perfect costume. You have a choice in wearing a black suit or all black clothing for the body of the costume. You will then need to have black shoes to complete that part of the costume.

Now let’s talk about the mask or face you need to create. You will need to choose which band member you want to be. You have Paul, Maggot, Chris, or Sid. You can also have Clown, Corey, or the Slipknot 133.

To create the mask or face you need to have the correct colors of paint. You will also need a print out of the mask you are trying to emulate. For our purposes we are going to look at the Paul mask. Paul’s mask is one that would be better suited to Hannibal Lector. You will need a lot of dull gray paint for the mask. The eyes and mouth should be left untouched. All through if you want to simulate bars you can draw on your lips in a vertical position. The mask or face paint should move down the neck and towards the ears. In other words the entire face needs to be covered as if it were the real mask.

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