How to make a Simon Cowell (American Idol) costume

Simon Cowell is American Idol’s toughest judge known for his wardrobe of tight shirts and caustic commentary. This year is his last as a judge on American Idol and Simon is going forward to judge a new show he’s producing, “The X-Factor.” Check out how to make your own Simon Cowell costume:

##Things You’ll Need##

* Simon Cowell wig

* Tight black t-shirt

* Black dress pants

* Black belt

* Black dress shoes

##Putting together your Simon Cowell costume##

Step 1: Pick up an American Idol officially licensed Simon Cowell wig, pre-combed into Simon’s trendy, yet executive style.

Step 2: Pick up a plain black t-shirt. Remember, comfort is not the goal here! Pick one with a v-neck or crew neck that is at least a size or two smaller than you would usually wear for Simon’s form-fitting wardrobe staple.

Step 3: Look classy and classic with a pair of smart black trousers with a crease and a black dress belt.

Step 4: Put on a pair of black dress shoes to complete your look.

Step 5: OPTIONAL, pick up an oversized diamond ring to put on the finger of an attractive female on your arm for a couple’s costume.

Step 6: Another optional prop would be a can of Coca Cola, one of Idol’s sponsors.

Step 7: Perfect your British accent and learn how to sling some seriously killer comments directed at any and all you meet!

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