How to make a Silhouette (Watchmen) costume

Set yourself apart from the pack of Watchmen fans with a Silhouette costume! One of the more obscure characters of the Watchmen, the Silhouette was the first female member of the Minutemen — the group that later became the Watchmen. Sally Jupiter, the first Silk Spectre later became the other female member of the squad. Silhouette’s real name was Ursula Vandt, a Jewish refugee from Austria prior to WWII who had quite a way with the ladies. Her role isn’t explored much in the Watchmen book or movie, but it’s an important one, no less.

##Things You’ll Need#3

* Black bob wig

* Black bustier

* Black military jacket

* Gold or silver braid trim

* Gold or silver ribbon trim

* OPTIONAL: Gold or silver buttons

* Red satin sash

* High-waisted black pants

* Black boots

* Black gloves

* Red lipstick

* Cigarette holder

##Putting together your Silhouette (Watchmen} costume##

Step 1: Pick up a black bob wig with bangs to get the severe hairstyle worn by the Silhouette. The dark black color offsets her pale skin nicely.

Step 2: Step up the pale look even more with bright red lipstick in a ’40s style of shade.

Step 3: Raid your closet or hit up a thrift store for some items to create this look. You will need a black satin or even latex bustier which can be bought at a lingerie store. Other items you will need can be easily found as they are popular with today’s fashions. Get a pair of black, high-waisted pants and sing on a black military jacket over the top of your bustier.

Step 4: Add some personal touches to your costume with trims purchased from a craft or fabric store. Get some gold or silver braid to hang from the epaulet of your military jacket and down your arm. You can also add matching gold or silver buttons down the front of your bustier and/or pants. Add silver or gold trim around the cuffs of your military jacket and even as a stripe going down the outside seam of your pants.

Step 5: While she dresses mostly in black-and-white, the Silhouette has a sharp punch of color with her red lipstick and red sash around her waist. Pick up a red satin scarf or even a bolt of red fabric from the craft/fabric store and make a wide belt to go around your waist.

Step 6: Pull on a pair of shiny black boots with heels and grab an old-fashioned cigarette holder to complete your look!

Step 6:

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