How to make a Sid Vicious costume

Punk is not dead… But Sid Vicious is! The volatile bassist for punk legends the Sex Pistols, Sid Vicious wasn’t so much a raw talent as much as he was a raw personality. Create your own costume based on the raucous rocker with these tips:

##Things You’ll Need##

* Short black rocker wig

* Scissors

* Pomade or gel

* White tank top or sleeveless T-shirt

* Bullet belt or studded belt

* Skinny black jeans or cigarette pants

* Combat boots

* Acrylic paint

* Chain

* Padlock

* Leather jacket (OPTIONAL)

##Putting together your Sid Vicious costume##

Step 1: Get a short black rocker wig. It should already come spikey, but you can use your scissors to cut it down even shorter, if you like. Or, if you have naturally black hair that lends itself to Sid Vicious’ style, add some pomade or gel to get it to stand up and out at odd angles.

Step 2: Grab an old white tank top or sleeveless t-shirt and cut holes into it at random. You can pin them with safety pins for a more decorative punk touch or just leave them as they are.

Step 3: Spatter your shirt with acrylic paint and let it dry.

Step 4: Put on a chain with a padlock around your neck. This was a staple of ’70s punk fashion.

Step 5: Put on a pair of black skinny jeans or cigarette pants. These are popular right now and should be easy to find if you don’t already have a pair. Belt them with a bullet belt or studded belt of your choosing.

Step 6: Put on a pair of black combat boots and (optional) swing on a black leather jacket. Crank up Sid’s version of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” and get ready to raise some hell!

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