How to make a Shrek costume?

Shrek is one of the most popular Ogres on the planet now that there have been three movies. It is not just the children who love the creature, but adults find him a great costume as well. We will outline how to create a Shrek costume below for you.

##What will you need?##

* Brown pants

* Brown shoes

* Brown belt

* White tunic

* Green gloves

* Shrek mask


Step 1: The main part of the Shrek costume will be the ogre face. If you are talented with a sewing machine you can create your own Shrek face out of green material. For those who don’t have to time or are not as great you can purchase the face mask complete with ogre ears.

Step 2: The body of the costume will be brown pants with a white tunic. The tunic may also have brown on the shoulders and upper chest if you can make or find one that is appropriate. The tunic should be long sleeved. To finish off this part of the costume a leather belt is needed. The belt should be brown and at least one inch to two inches thick.

Step 3: The gloves will be Shrek’s hands; therefore they need to match the face color if at all possible. You can make the hands out of green material if you can’t find gloves to match.

Step 4: The last part of the costume will be the shoes. Brown boots or other shoes will suffice for this part of the costume.

The size can also be changed for baby to adults depending on your needs. There will be materials and masks for any size Shrek you need to make.

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