How to make a Shepherd costume?

Shepherds during Christmas complete the Nativity. Whether you are a going to a costume party, pageant, or just going to be a live Nativity for some fun you will need at least one Shepherd. The costume can be fairly easy to create using articles you have at home. You can also create one from scratch if need be.

##Materials Needed:##

* Brown Fabric

* White fabric

* Black elastic headband

* Sandals

* Rope

* Walking stick


Step 1: The brown fabric will be used to create the dressing gown. You should be able to find a pattern to create the robe with. If you want a more adventurous costume you can create your own pattern. The robe should have long bell style sleeves. It should also reach to the ankles.

Step 2: A second garment should be made either in a darker fabric. The darker fabric will be more of a coat style. In other words it is open at the front, with long sleeves, and just as long as the first robe. If you wish the garment can be more colourful than the robe.

Step 3: The white fabric is going to create a head piece. You can find any picture online or even a pattern that will help you get the formation of the headband you need. Then you wrap black elastic around it to hold it in place.

Step 4: The rope is used to cinch the waist of the robe in place. It should be rather long to hang in front.

Step 5: The last two pieces of the costume are the sandals, and then finding a curved walking stick. Shepherds of course lead farm animals, which is why the walking stick is essential to your needs.

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