How to make a Shaun White costume

Shaun White is known as “The Flying Tomato” (a name he hates) for his unique aerial spins in the sport of snowboarding. Once again, this ginger has struck gold at the Olympics for Team USA. Here’s how you can make a Shaun White costume, whether you’re catching air in Whistler, or just chilling and partying at home:

##Things You’ll Need##

* Wavy redhead wig

* Scissors

* White parka

* White snowpants

* Red, white, and blue flag Bandana

* Computer printer

* Image of the Olympic symbol on a red background (or draw your own with paper and colored markers)

* Black snow gloves

* Snowboard OR

* Large piece of cardboard or styrofoam.

* Acrylic paint and paintbrush

* Palatte knife

* Gold Medal

* American Flag

##Putting together your Shaun White costume##

Step 1: Put on a wavy redhead wig. Chances are, the wig will be a bit long, so you can cut it in a shaggy, shoulder length style with scissors, or get a friend to help you out. Careful not to go too short… You don’t want to end up looking like Carrot Top!

Step 2: Step into your winter white parka and snowpants.

Step 3: Put on a pair of black snow gloves.

Step 4: Tie a red, white, and blue stars n’ stripes bandana around your neck in a way that you could also use it to cover your mouth from the Vancouver chill.

Step 5: Print out two images of the Olympic symbol of five circles in multi-colors agaisnt a red background and then tape them to the front of your parka. If you don’t have those available, pick up some red construction paper and create your own with colored paint that will show up against the background.

Step 6:Grab your snowboard or follow the steps below to make your own.

Step 7: Get a large piece of styrofoam or cardboard and carefully used a palate knife to trace a snowboard shape and cut it out. It may help to draw it first rather than just freehand cut.

Step 8: Pick up some acrylic paint and you can paint your board all one color, one color front or back, or with a unique (possibly Olympic-themed) creation of your own if you really want to with your board. It’s all up to you and your imagination!

Step 9: Drape an American flag over your shoulders and put on a gold medal over your parka and you’ll be ready to stand-in for Shaun at the podium!

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