How to make a Shamwow Guy costume

Vince Shlomi is the rather excited guy who shills for Shamwow, the miracle microfiber towel that can pick up any spill. A large portion of the products sales can be attributed to “The Shamwow Guy’s” zany personality. Bring the fun and a Shamwow to your next costume gathering and be the hit of the party. You can entertain friends AND mop up any spills!

##Things You’ll Need##

* Blonde spikey wig

* Scissors (OPTIONAL)

* Hair gel

* Headset

* Dark blue polo shirt

* Khaki pants

* Shamwow or yellow chamois cloth (or even a towel)

* Yellow fabric paint

##Putting together your Shamwow Guy costume##

Step 1: Pick up a blonde, spikey wig, or go for the LA Joe wig with highlighted men’s hair. You may want to take some scissors and shorten it a bit.

Step 2: Add some hair gel to your wig to get a spiked effect, similar to the style sported by the Shamwow guy.

Step 3: Put on a headset — the type worn by the Shamwow guy, Garth Brooks, Janet Jackson, and Madonna as part of your costume.

Step 4: Pick up some yellow fabric paint at a craft store. Use your fabric paint to write the “Shamwow!” logo on the left breast pocket of your blue polo shirt.

Step 5: When your fabric paint is dry, put on your polo shirt along with a pair of khaki pants and a belt.

Step 6: Grab a Shamwow! (or just a plain yellow handtowel) and get ready to party… and clean.

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