How to make a Sexy Clown Costume?

Tired of the same old clown? Clowns are typically seen in one style with oversized hips, and funny faces, but you don’t have to be traditional. Instead you can step it up a notch and turn yourself into a sexy clown. Now I know what you are thinking this means a man can’t be a sexy clown, but just because we are offering a female version of the sexy clown, doesn’t mean you can’t change your men’s outfit to be her companion. So let’s get rolling with some large shoes and hoop skirts.

##Materials you will need:##

* Peasant blouse

* Bustier

* Full shirt

* Hoop or petticoats

* Lace stockings

* Oversized Mary Janes

* Big Hair Flower

* Clown Wig (see details)

* Face makeup


Step 1: You can either buy a peasant blouse or get a pattern to create your own. You may even have one hanging in your closet from years past. They have been on the fashion scene in the last few years as a popular dress item.

Step 2: You will most likely want to purchase the bustier, if you don’t already have one. While you can probably make one yourself it may take a bit more of your time.

Step 3: The full skirt should accommodate the hoop if you can’t find petticoats. If you can’t find a hoop or petticoat think about using a hula hoop to be inserted in the hemline of the skirt. The skirt should be knee length. This way your sexy lace stockings will be shown to advantage along with your legs. Wink Wink

Step 4: The next step is going to be the face makeup. The face makeup can be any design that you like, but we have a few sexy suggestions for you. Who can resist a sexy clown when the symbols of love are present? Hearts make the perfect design for both cheeks and they are easy to draw. Don’t forget your long lashes that are ideal for batting.

Step 5: Once the makeup is on you can then place your wig over your hair. The wig should be a long curly multicolored affair. Add the flower to your wig, to complete the sexy look.

Step 6: The last piece of the costume will be the excessively large Mary Janes. Remember clowns feet are rarely small, but the Mary Janes can help with the curb appeal.

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