How to make a scrooge costume?

What better way to celebrate Christmas than with the themes from Charles Dickens novel “_ìA Christmas Carol”¬ù? After all, it is Scrooge that finally realizes the meaning of the holiday and makes the tale what it truly is about.

If you are a fan of this piece of literature, you will need to decide what costume pleases you the most. However, if you’re looking for the simplest costume, which is Scrooge’s nightgown and nightcap, this is the one to choose. We’ve included the instructions here.

Materials Needed:

White cotton fabric (an old flat sheet will work perfectly)

Fabric glue or safety pins


Large cotton ball


Fake gray hair or gray temporary spray-on hair dye


1.To make the nightgown, take the white cotton fabric, lay it out, and fold it in half vertically. Then, draw a simple pattern on one side of the fabric. It needs long sleeves and an opening for the head so draw a figure of a body with the arms, but not the legs.

2.Following your pattern, cut the nightgown out of the folded material, making sure you have cut through all layers of the cloth. When you’re finished, you should have two identical pieces of cloth.

3.Fasten the two pieces of cloth together using fabric glue or safety pins (you can pin them on one side of the fabric, and then turn it so that the pins are facing in and can’t be seen.) Leave the bottom open and a hole at the top large enough to get your head through. If you’d like, you can then cut two slits in each side of the nightgown, to give it a more authentic look.

4.With the remaining fabric, cut two triangular pieces. Make sure the base is big enough to fit on your head. Then, simply fasten the two sides and the top with the fabric glue or safety pins. Glue the cotton ball on the point of the triangle.

5.A pair of backless house slippers (any color) and either a grey wig or temporary spray-on hair dye in grey will complete the costume.

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