How to make a Scarlett costume?

Scarlett was most definitely a southern belle of fictional creation. There were many costumes from the film Gone with the Wind that you can choose from for your next costume party. One of the more gorgeous creations was the green dress, supposedly made from curtains. It is this dress that we will be offering as a costume to create.

##What you will need:##

* Green material

* Yellow rope

* Sewing machine

* Hoops

* Petticoats

* Black shoes

* Parasol

* Pattern


Step 1: The first step to creating your costume is making sure you find all of the materials you need. The green material should be a heavier material than just taffeta. In fact velvet is the best material to use if you can afford it.

Step 2: Once you have the material you will need to use the pattern to create the southern style gown. Typically the gown is past the ankles with long sleeves and a collar. However, any southern belle pattern you can find will do.

Step 3: Out of the green material you will need to create a hat. The hat should be something simple, with a bit of rope hanging from it. It will be the same rope you use around the waist.

Step 4: Before you can be complete you will need a corset, petticoats, and a hoop under the dress.

Step 5: The finishing touches for getting ready to leave home is putting on the black boots you find and then grabbing your parasol. The parasol should be either white or green to match the outfit you are wearing. You may also want to add gloves to the entire ensemble.

Lastly if you wish you can get a wig to be the correct color for Scarlett if you are not a brunette already or if wish for the correct hair style.

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