How to make a Sayid from LOST costume

Sayid Jarah is one of the longest lasting survivors of the Oceanic 815 and was one of the candidates to take over Jacob’s job as protector of the island. He’s been brought back from the dead before and had been promised to be reunited with his wife, Nadiya at some point — who is also deceased. Prior to his life on the island, Sayid was a member of the Iraqi military in Tikrit. He felt guilt and remorse for what he had done, particularly since his beloved Nadiya was scheduled to be executed before he helped her escape. Sayid died saving several of his fellow Lostaways when a bomb exploded on the submarine.

##Things you’ll need##

* Black curly wig

* Goatee

* OPTIONAL: Self tanner

* Black beater tank top

* Cargo pants

* Chain necklace

* Old cell phone OR Walkie Talkie

* Chain bracelet

##Putting together your Sayid from LOST costume##

Step 1: If you don’t have Sayid’s dark skin tone, apply several coats of self-tanner.

Step 2: Put on a long black curly wig. You may want to use scissors to cut it so that it hits at the nape of your neck, similar to Sayid’s long-ish style.

Step 3: Wear a fake goatee if you don’t want the hassle of growing one yourself.

Step 4: Put on a black beater tank, or any other darker color with a pair of cargo pants or shorts.

Step 5: Wear a chain bracelet and chain necklace around your neck.

Step 6: Pick up an old cell phone or toy walkie talkie to use as your “transciever.”

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