How to make a Sawyer from LOST costume

The smart-mouthed con, Sawyer, is a fan-favorite on LOST. Played by actor Josh Holloway, James “Sawyer” Ford was shaped by the death of his mother at the hands of his father after she cheated on him with a man named “Sawyer.” He wrote a letter to this con man who took his family’s money and his family from him, embarking on a life of cons himself. He falls in love with Kate and has a rivalry with Jack during their time on the island.

##Things You’ll Need##

* Blonde wig

* Scissors

* Light brown lip liner (for making stubble)

* Plaid shirt

* Tank top

* Jeans

* Belt

* Cowboy boots

* Classic literature books

* Crumpled up letter in envelope

##Putting together your Sawyer from LOST costume##

Step 1: Put on a straight blonde wig. You may want to use scissors to cut it into a longer, masculine style, hitting at the jaw with layers throughout. (Ask a lady friend who’s handy with scissors for a bit of help with your ‘do!)

Step 2: Use your brown or tan lipliner pencil to stipple on some stubble along your jawline and upper lip, darkening it along your chin.

Step 3: Put on a tank top, possibly in a dark color.

Step 4: Swing on a plaid flannel shirt. Roll up the sleeves to your elbows.

Step 5: Put on a pair of jeans and a belt, leaving your shirt untucked.

Step 6: Slide on a pair of cowboy boots beneath your jeans.

Step 7: Pick up a classic literature book. Sawyer was almost always seen reading some sort of novel on the island and loved reading. This makes a great character prop.

Step 8: The ultimate Sawyer prop is the crumpled up letter and envelope that he had been carrying with him for years. Write “Sawyer” on an envelope and rough it up a bit, tucking it into the pocket of your flannel shirt.

Step 9: Team up with a friend dressed as Kate for a great couples’ costume.

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