How to Make a Santa Hat

Making a Santa hat is very easy, and does not require any sewing. You can use fabric glue or safety pins (I’ll tell you how to do it so the pins won’t show) to hold the material together.

Items You Will Need:

A large square of red material. Felt, velvet, fake-fur, or microfiber material will all work well; however, make sure the material looks the same on both sides. How much you need depends on the size of the wearer’s head, but you might want to buy a little extra just in case something happens.

White material, enough to go around the bottom of the hat. Again, the types of material listed above will work well, although you may want to use a different type to give the hat some contrast.

Fabric glue or safety pins

Washable marking pen. You might want to use a red one that is slightly darker than the material. That way it won’t show up as badly in case it doesn’t all wash out.



Take the square of red material and lay it out flat. Then fold the material from left to right so that you now have a rectangular-shaped piece of material.

Take the marking pen and draw a triangle shape, starting at the bottom left corner of the material that is facing up. Go all the way to the top of the material, then come down the right side all the way to the bottom right corner.

a. IF the bottom part of the material will need trimming because of unevenness or because it has ragged edges, you can draw a straight line about Ǭº”¬ù to _Ǭ“¬ù above the bottom. If the bottom part looks all right, you may not need to draw the line.

Use the scissors to cut through both layers of the folded material, following the triangle shape you drew. You should now have two separate triangles of material.

Fasten the material together along both sides and at the top, using the fabric glue or safety pins. If you use safety pins, once you have fastened the two pieces together, simply reach in the bottom and turn the material “_ìinside out”¬ù. This will hide the safety pins.

Cut enough of the white material to go all the way around the bottom of the hat. Fasten it to the hat, using fabric glue or safety pins. If you like, you can leave a little of the material hanging down over the bottom.

Cut two circles of white material, about Ǭ“¬ù to 1″¬ù in diameter. Fasten them together and attach them to the very tip of the Santa hat.

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