How to make a Santa Claus costume?

Santa Claus is traditionally Christmas, but since he makes a great costume idea you might want to have him spread good cheer at another costume party. Whether or not you bring him out more than once a year, creating a Santa Claus costume can be fun and easy with the right materials and instructions.

##Materials Needed:##

* Red fleece or velvet

* Faux fur

* Black leather

* Buckle

* Fake hair and beard

* Black boots

* Elastic

* Buttons

* Padding


Step 1: To create your Santa suit you will need a pattern. Depending on the quality of costume that you want you will either need red fleece or red velvet. Most Santa’s are made with velvet. To start you need the pants and coat. The elastic will help keep the pants up. You can also use suspenders. The style of buttons that you choose is up to you but have fun with it. The buttons go on the coat. Once the shell of the coat has been made you will need to start adding the faux fur. Just follow the pattern directions.

Step 2: The belt will need to be large enough to encompass Santa’s girth. Also the belt should be three to four inches in width. The belt buckle is up to you.

Step 3: Creating the Santa hat should be part of the pattern as well, but don’t forget it.

Step 4: Before loading up on padding you might want to go ahead and put the hair and beard in place with the hat to cap it off. You may also want to put your black boots on while you can still bend.

The last bit of the costume will be Santa’s gift bag. You can make this out of extra velvet or purchase a ready made bag.

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