How to make a Santa Claus costume


* A bright-red pair of sweatpants in as large a size as possible

* A bright-red sweatshirt which matches the pants, also in as large a size as possible

* A smaller bright-red sweatshirt to match the larger ones (you will use this for the Santa hat, so make sure it’s large enough to make a hat that will fit on the wearer’s head)

* White velvet or white fake fur material (an old bed comforter in either material will work perfectly)

* Fabric glue or safety pins

* Large black buttons and a very wide, very large black belt OR cardboard or black craft foam; black fabric paint and white, gold, or silver fabric paint

* Some bed pillows or throw pillows OR old clothing for stuffing

* Black boots (either ankle-length or mid-calf is fine)


1.Take the white velvet or white fake fur material and cut four pieces large enough to completely cover the cuffs on both the pants legs and the shirt sleeves. Make it a little wider than the cuffs so that some will hang down over the wearer’s hands and ankles.

2.Fasten the white material to the sleeve cuffs starting at the point where the sleeve cuff is attached to the sleeve itself. Do the same for the pants cuffs, starting at the hem seam.

3.Use the rest of the material to make a simple wide round collar to cover the top of the sweatshirt. If you like, you can cut the material in a circle first, and then cut the front part of the circle in half to give the appearance of a “_ìsplit”¬ù collar, or you can leave it intact.

Once you have done this, you are finished with this portion of the costume. Now you are ready to make the hat.

4.Take the smaller sweatshirt, and cut off the sleeves. Then lay the sweatshirt out and cut it straight down the middle, but only through one layer, so that you have a flat piece of material.

5.Fold your flat piece in half vertically, and use fabric glue or safety pins to fasten the top and open side of the fold. Leave the bottom open, as this is where the wearer’s head will go. You should now have a rectangular piece of material.

6.Trace a triangle shape on one side of your rectangle. You can let the bottom part of the material be the base, and start your apex (the pointy part of the triangle) from the left-hand corner going all the up to the collar then down the right side to the right corner.

7.Following the triangular shape cut the material in that shape. Then, use your fabric glue or safety pins to close up both sides of your triangle. Your point will already be fastened together, and, of course, you want to leave the bottom portion open.

8.Take the white velvet or fake fur material and cut a strip wide enough to fit around the bottom of the triangle. Attach it about Ǭº to _Ǭ inches above the bottom, leaving enough material to hang down from the bottom.

9.Make a pom-pom by cutting two small circles of white material. Fasten the two circles together, leaving a small opening to slip over the very tip of the triangle point. Fasten that part to the hat material.

If you are going to make the buttons and belt:

10.Cut three or four large circles from the cardboard or the craft foam. If you are using the cardboard, you will need to paint the circles black.

11.For the belt, cut a very wide piece of cardboard (again paint it black if you are using this) or craft foam. Make sure it will fit around the wearer’s waist, once the Santa costume has been stuffed.

12.Use the white fabric paint to make buttonholes on the buttons and belt “_ìmarkings”¬ù (the buckle, clasp, and belt holes) on the belt.

13.Put on the costume and have someone help the wearer stuff the front with the pillows.

14.Put on the hat and boots.

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