How to make a Sagat from Street Fighter costume

In Street Fighter, the character of Sagat was originally a boss who became a playable character. A formidable opponent, Sagat is tall, bald, muscular and wears an eyepatch to conceal his eye that was damaged by the father of Dan, another of the game’s characters. The scar on his chest is from another character, Ryu. Sagat’s discipline is Muay Thai kickboxing and he wears the traditional shorts and arm and leg wraps associated with that particular martial art.

Catch Street Fighter fever and learn how to make your own Sagat costume with these simple tips:

##Things You’ll Need##

* Bald cap

* Eye patch

* Muscle shirt

* Ace bandages

* Red puffy paint

* Blue board shorts with contrasting stripe and waistband

##Putting together your Sagat costume##

Step 1: Put on your bald cap and make sure it covers your hair. EXTRA TIP: You can use foundation makeup to blend the cap with your own skin tone and give yourself a more chisled, muscular jawline. Blending with the makeup sponge is the key!

Step 2: Put your eyepatch on over your cap.

Step 3: Pick up a muscle chest shirt. You will need to use some puffy paint or acrylic paint (both can be purchase at a craft store) to create the large, ugly gash scar across Sagat’s chest. The puffy paint will add a nice dimension of a thick, raised scar. Or, you can use a combination of both acrylic (for the flat, under-scar look) with a thin layer of puffy paint over it for a more realistic effect.

Step 4: Put your muscle chest shirt on and pull on a pair of blue board shorts, which resemble the muay thai kickboxing shorts.

Step 5: Wrap your arms and feet with white Ace bandages or tape to get the “taped fists” look of a kickboxer. Get ready to rumble!

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