How to make a Roller Girl (Boogie Nights) Costume

Played by Heather Graham in the film “Boogie Nights,” Roller Girl was a ’70s, x-rated film star whose gimmick was that of a sweet, non-so-innocent blonde sporting rollerskates and a ’70s girl-next-door look. Mark Wahlberg’s Dirk Diggler character may have been the star, but Roller Girl ended up as another memorable character in this cult favorite film. Put together your own Roller Girl costume with a ’70s flavor and be the hit of your next costume party!

##Things you’ll need##

* Ponytail elastics OR blonde pigtail wig

* Oversized hair flower

* Tube top

* Striped tube socks

* Dolphin shorts

* Jean Jacket OR Satin baseball jacket in a bright color.

* Rollerskates

* 70s style makeup like shimmery pink lip gloss and purple or blue eyeshadow.

Step 1: If you’re already blonde, pull your hair into two pigtail ponytails. If not, put on a blonde pigtail wig. Decorate your hair with an oversized flower to put in your hair.

Step 2: Do your makeup 70s style with a bright blush applied to your cheeks, blue or purple eyeshadow, and a shimmery pink lip gloss for that girl-next-door look.

Step 3: Put on your costume, a tube top, pair of short dolphin shorts, and either a denim jacket or a bright satin baseball-type jacket. Pull on a pair of striped knee-high tube socks all the way up to your knees. It doesn’t matter if the colors match. If they’re bright, mismatched colors, all the better for a rainbow effect!

Step 4: Put on a pair of rollerskates and get ready to party with Dirk Diggler!

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