How to make a Robert Palmer Girl costume

For a look that screams “Simply Irresistable” for a fun, retro 80s costume, put together an easy, DIY look based on the girls from Robert Palmer’s classic videos for “Simply Irresistable” and “Addicted to Love.” Great as a solo costume, with a suit-wearing male companion, or a bunch of female friends in matching costumes, this is a versatile look that’s “simple” to put together.

##Things You’ll Need##

* Hair gel

* Red lipstick

* Grey eyeshadow

* Bronzer and large powder brush (for contouring)

* Pale foundation makeup

* Black scoopneck or tank dress

* Red Belt

* Black sheer pantyhose

* Black pumps

* OPTIONAL White guitar toy

##Putting together your Robert Palmer Girl costume##

Step 1: Pick up either a sleeveless black tank dress or a long-sleeved scoopneck black mini dress. These looks were represented in both videos an can be easy to find in a women’s department. Chances are, you probably have a little black dress that already fits this description!

Step 2: Put on a thick red belt around the waist of your dress.

Step 3: Pull on a pair of sheer black pantyhose for a continued long, lean line and slip on a pair of plain black heels.

Step 4: Grab some hair gel and slick your hair back into a tight bun.

Step 5: Apply a layer of pale foundation to your face and neck, blending it well.

Step 6: To acheive the “contoured” makeup look that was so popular in the 80s and worn by the beautiful models in Palmer’s videos, dip your fluffy makeup brush in a light dusting of bronzer and suck in your cheeks. Apply in a diagonal fashion along these hollows, blending the powder from your temples/cheekbone until it hits about 2 inches away from your lips. Blend it softly so it doesn’t look like a solid stripe.

Step 6: Apply a layer of grey eyeshadow, black eyeliner and mascara.

Step 7: For the finishing touch, slick on a glossy coat of red lipstick and you’ll be ready to dance in no time!

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