How to make a Randy from A Christmas Story costume

Everyone loves “A Christmas Story!” It’s one of those films that’s become a holiday classic that people look forward to seeing every year. You can create a hilarious costume relatively cheap based on this Christmas favorite.

##Things You’ll Need##

* Red snow pants

* Red snow jacket

* Snow boots

* Extra long knit scarf

* Mittens

* Hat with ear flaps

* Toilet paper (for stuffing) OPTIONAL

##Dressing up as Randy from A Christmas Story##

Step 1: No need for layering beneath this costume! Unlike Randy from the film, all you need is just to put on a set of red snow pants and a red snow parka or jacket over a layer of your own clothes.

Step 2: Put on your hat with ear flaps

Step 3: Pull on a pair of snow boots, tucking the snow pants into them.

Step 4: You may need a friend to help you with this, but wind your extra long scarf around your neck first, then wrap it around your head and mouth (leaving your eyes to peek out) before winding it once more around your neck.

Step 5: Put on your mittens!

Step 6: Walk around with your arms out to your sides at an awkward angle, pretending to be unable to put your arms down!

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