How to make a Raggedy Ann costume?

Raggedy Ann and Andy are two very popular costumes for couples. Even if you are not part of a couple you might find Raggedy Ann a darling costume to make. In fact you might be able to create the costume from things you have around the house. Raggedy Ann dates back to the earlier 1900’s and therefore pantaloons, dresses, and aprons are part of the costume. We have a full material list and instructions below.

##Things you will need:##

* White bonnet

* White apron

* Blue dress

* Pantaloons

* Red and white stripped socks

* Red wig

* Black shoes


Step 1: To begin you need to find a dress that will reach to the knees. The dress should be in an older style with a high neck and long sleeves. You may even want the blue dress to have white polk-a-dots.

Step 2: The pantaloons will reach just below the dress, but not be long enough to cover the socks that go on under them. The socks should be red and white strips, and look like tights. To cap this part of the costume off you just need to add the black shoes.

Step 3: Over the dress you will need to tie the apron on. The apron will be a little shorter than the dress, and fit over both shoulders to tie or button in the back.

Step 4: The last part of Raggedy Ann is her mop like hair. Any wig you find should be orange red with a mop like appearance. Then over the wig the white bonnet will be placed.

By following these instructions you will have the perfect Raggedy Ann costume. You may want a larger dress just to be able to dress your child warmer if you live in a cold climate.

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