How to make a Queen of Hearts costume?

The Queen of Hearts is the character from Alice in Wonderland that Alice was running from. She threatened to remove Alice’s head. If you want to be an evil queen for Halloween you have plenty of costumes to choose from. We are going for a more simple Queen of Hearts costume all through there are other’s out there like the Victorian dress with a Queen of Hearts card. The materials you will need are posted below along with some instructions.

##Things You Need:##

* Material (Queen of Heart Card)

* White gloves

* Crown

* White shoes

* Body suit


Step 1: The main part of the costume is the Queen of Heart Card. You will have the face card on the front with the back of the card on the rear of the costume. The card is your suit. There are definitely materials you can purchase that will have the face card you need. Then you simply make sure that it is big enough and that it will cover your upper body. You can also use cardboard to create the suit. It is up to you and your artistic talents.

Step 2: While the main part is the card, you will need a body suit. This will keep your entire body warm without needing a jacket.

Step 3: The shoes and gloves need to be white to mesh with the rest of the costume.

Step 4: The last part of the costume is the crown. This crown should be gold and rather elaborate in design if you can find one. It will show that you are the Queen of Hearts. You can style your hair in anyway.

Just remember that the card is the main part of the costume. It should be a single face card of the Queen of Hearts rather than small pictures.

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